Saturday, July 25, 2015

More Praise for "So You're Going to Rehab"

" of Sarah's talents is condensing a lot of could-be confusing information into relevant bullet points that are what you need to know right now, whether it's knowing your rights as a patient during stroke recovery, how to deal with the myriad health-care workers with whom you'll have to interact during a vulnerable time, or something more mundane and yet life-changing (for women, at least) like how to don a bra when you're essentially one-handed so you can wear the pretty bits instead of resigning yourself to a life of ugly,pullover sports bras. The information is presented in a light-hearted, conversational tone and includes a number of personal anecdotes with which others in recovery are sure to relate."

- Vonceil Daniels, Technical Writer


  1. A speech therapy program self delivered daily by use of an application for tablet computer significantly improved language scores in chronic stroke patients with aphasia, in a new pilot study. stroke rehabilitation program